The Insider Stable

The Insider Stable is an interesting bonus sub section element of the client service here. The official advised bets on the service may be the number one reason why many join here. Service design however has official bets restricted to major race meetings and Saturday action as these occasions are the easiest occasion generally for larger punters to get decent stakes down.

I do however glean extra information from my three usual sources of pace / sectional analysis, dosage and information on more lowly rated horses that are less likely to fall under the remit of Saturday and Major meetings for the official bets.

The Insider Stable sub section is a simple platform which I use to pass on notes and information to clients about these usually more lower rated horses.

Think of it a bit like a horses to follow list.
The list may contain notes on about 10 - 20 horses I feel there is reason to keep an eye on.
Each horse will have notes to explain why it is on the Insider Stable list.
Most weeks I will send a dedicated email about the Insider Stable.
New horses that have come to my attention may get added to the list.
Others may get removed from the list.
eg a horse that recently won might get removed on the grounds that its recent demonstration of true ability in public is likely to result in lower future value.

These Insider Stable Horses may give you some optional extra interest / fun during the lower grade mid-week meetings. They are not designed to be followed blindly and you should pay attention to the comments below them. Sent to clients here in a clearly labeled separate email my Insider Stable updates are easy to spot or easy to ignore.


Sample Notes

Below are a few historic extracts to quickly demo the rough style of the Insider Stable notes.
I have redacted the actual horse names to protect the interests of existing members.



Beaten 16 lengths and 44 lengths in his 2 races to date!
He may well need his next run for experience/handicap mark, but then becomes interesting.
Last time out at Lingfield he was traveling well until he jumped a path and then lost his action a little.
I am told connections quite like him and that soft ground could be a key.
Likely to get a nice handicap mark and that has been the aim.




Connections feel he could actually be pattern class, but he has yet to show that on course.
Last time out, lots of excuses, he pulled far too hard and was restrained off a very slow pace.
He was also returning from 3 months off. It is also possible that 10f (at least first time out)
tested his stamina


 What Is The Point Of Them?

This should be reasonably obvious to the more clued up amongst you. Quite simply information is power and the Insider Stable notes often contain not so public realm information about individual horses. The long term game in horse betting is to bet when you believe you have edge over the market. Having extra information the majority of the market is not privy to is one way to veer edge to your side.


Who Will They NOT Be Suitable For?

Many will be seeking clear cut simple tips alone. The main arm of the client service here provides exactly that. This bonus extra of Insider Stable notes however are not clear cut tips. They are information. A classic tip is simple and easy and fast to use. The Insider Stable information will require the client to bring two extra elements to the table themselves.

#1 - A bit of extra management work

#2 - Some personal self thought.

Sadly in this day and age those are two concepts that will scare many people off. Sometimes reasons for such an attitude may not be highly legitimate. Others times of course they will be. If one has a very busy work life and young kids at home spare time is a precious commodity etc. Simple tips can be highly practical.


What Would The Management Practicalities Be?

Management work would involve keeping yourself informed as to when and where Insider Stable horses run.

This would be easy enough achieved however via use of one of the free horse tracker services out there. and would be two examples.

Quite simply you select which horses you want alerts about and the free horse tracker service will then send you an email alert when that horse is due to run. Ability to add your own notes about any horse is the norm. On day 1 you may need to add in the current 10 to 20 horses existing in the Insider Stable. After that it is a weekly five minute job to delete one or two or add one or two as my Stable Update email arrives to you.


What About Self Thought?

The more advanced will simply see the benefit in having extra information that they can incorporate into their own betting decisions with the desire that it assists in increasing edge to an extra few degrees. Insider Stable horses information will simply be extra data they may use when forming their opinion of the overall race in question.

Others may choose to see them as horses to find an excuse not to back. Backing blindly would not be advised. Associated notes may for example indicate some perceived distance preference that does not match the conditions this race day. The draw is often a further important factor in flat racing. There are the facts of course geometry and variation in going and also perhaps the impact of trainer perception of bias and how that may influence riding instructions given. Also of course there is the eternal question of value. Short prices when they occur as usually best avoided.


Who Will These Stable Horses Be Suitable For?

Well you would need to be happy to take on the bit of extra management work and self thought aspects.

The contrarian thinkers amongst you may even choose to suspect that words such as "work" and "thought" will scare off the majority. That will leave you as one of a smaller group on the less trodden path in a world that revolves around the concept of supply and demand.

There is scope as well that those who traditionally and historically sought simple tips alone could use the Stable Insider horses as a training ground for their own development as a self thinking punter. The more straight forward tipping arm of the service is there as a backbone. Perhaps however you dedicate a separate small experimental bank to Insider Stable inspired self selections. For some the long term upside may less about the £ and more about how you self learn and develop by creating for yourself a regular opportunity to assess and think.


Any Other Minor Points?

Just a small one related to the fact that I would intend to run separate stables for Flat and National Hunt seasons.
A service that was 100% marketing driven would probably kick off each new season code with a big trumpet about their horse list.
Horses may be forced into said list to suit an artificial start of season marketing deadline etc.
That is not how I work at all. More so at new code season start my list for that code will be sparsely populated.
Horses then get added over time as I receive news that I deem worthy enough to merit their inclusion.


Anyhow that in a nut shell is the Insider Stable idea.
Many clients may choose to ignore it and focus on the official tip element of the service alone.
For others however it will be an interesting bonus add on to their membership here.