What Service Do You Provide Here?

I offer a horse race betting advisory service for discerning clients.


What Makes You Qualified To Provide Racing Advice?

I have made my living from betting for over 30 years and still advise one of the world’s leading betting syndicates. I have access to the most innovative information sources that are not accounted for by the marketplace.


Can You Explain The Methodology You Use?

The methodology is simple, it utilises sources of information that are unavailable to the majority and thus undervalued by the marketplace. Within that simplicity lies the foundation for success in betting or investment markets; you have to utilise information that the market is either unaware of, or unable to value accurately. I use the same principle for betting and for investments.

In terms of horse racing my sources of information and insight include human sources who know more than is publically available. These are then complimented with analysis of my own that utilises factors such as pedigree analysis, sectional times and computer neural network output. See the Guides section of the site for more detail.


What More Can You Tell Me About The Sources Of Inside Info You Use?

I am provided with innovative and inside information from a number of sources. Broadly, this originates from three sources; direct from stables, direct from successful backers who use angles/edges that others are unable to access or unaware of, and, finally, from successful betting syndicates who use teams of agents to place bets in shops or on-line.
Stable information is not a “whisper” from the gallops or idle stable lad chatter. It comes from primary sources and can often be completely objective as gallops are now routinely timed by the top yards. It could be that horse “x” has hit a top speed of 40 mph in a recent gallop and that is 1.1 mph better than he has ever recorded. This doesn’t necessarily mean he will win next time (racing is far to nuanced to ever speak in absolutes) but it does probably indicate progression that the market will be unaware of.
The successful backers that share their insights (and I share with them) utilise video analysis, pace bias, sectional time analysis and advanced pedigree analysis.
Syndicate money comes from a number of sources that are proven profitable to me over the longer-term.


Why Do You Not Wish To Reveal Your Name?

My identity isn’t important. Subscribers will, I believe, be enthusiasts of racing and quickly recognise that they are receiving information that is not readily available elsewhere. They will also be aware that the service is being compiled by someone with an in-depth knowledge of racing and of gambling itself. It makes commercial and logistical sense for the service to remain “under the radar”. Despite my name remaining a mystery clients know exactly who they are dealing with as this site is officially run by Bet Design Ltd a uk company whose records are available at companies house.


Does The Service Provide More Than Simple Tips?

The service provides an in-depth and original analysis of the chances of certain horses in certain races. The strength of the case for each horse is apparent. There is also reference made to the available value and the type of bet that is most mathematically sound in the circumstances.
There are specific recommendations for both bets on the day and for ante-post bets.


Will The Service Focus On Any Particular Type Of Racing?

The information and analysis is mostly focused upon the better class races. This is because it lends itself better to the sources of information we utilise. An added bonus is that the markets are stronger at the bigger meetings and thus prices and volumes hold up better.


How Frequently Will Messages Be Sent?

Primarily the core message each week will be on a Friday night to cover Saturday racing. However as well all Saturdays there will also be coverage of 15 to 20 major meetings / festivals over the year.

In addition, ad hoc messages may be sent when there is an exceptionally strong or interesting piece of information on an “ordinary” day.

Ante-Post messages may also be sent away from a Saturday or major meeting.


What Time Of Day Will Messages Be Sent?

For the convenience of everyone, messages will typically be sent early during the evening before racing. For the meetings we bet at, the markets will be reasonably “set” by this time and it is far more convenient for subscribers who work day jobs to be able to read the message and be organised the evening before.


What Sort Of Clients Are You Ideally Looking For?

Not, fortune seekers, dreamers or butterflies!
An ideal client will be interested in racing, either understand, or want to understand, about betting profitably. They will be keen to make their hobby pay and want to receive something that is more than the usual drab analysis handed out by pundits in the press or on tv.


Does Your Investment Interest Extend Outside of Horse Racing?

My passion for “beating markets” extends into the financial marketplace. It was a natural destination for me when the lack of useful bookmaker accounts meant that the racing marketplace was too small.

Again, I use the simple notion that to “outperform” the market you require an edge. Unlike horse racing, and contrary to the Efficient Market Hypothesis, the financial marketplace is rather less than perfect and many edges are clear to be seen. Perhaps the best example of this is the area of small companies. This is an area that is under-researched by the large players in the marketplace because of the lack of liquidity that they require. Those that specialise can gain a real edge and there are many successful exponents in the UK such as Lord Lee or Graham Neary. Their innovative approaches mirror our approach to the racing markets.

However, the financial marketplace’s  great leveller is investor psychology. Whilst there may be an edge for the small company specialists, they still have to endure deep losses from time to time and draw downs of 50%+ have to be accepted and most people simply cannot stomach such losses and so any edge they have is just theoretical rather than real.
So, I examined psychology, recognised it’s importance and found a corner of the investment world that uses investor psychology to prosper. I use a technique that enables me to beat the market and sleep at night by reducing draw downs substantially. It is rules based, takes advantage of investor psychology and has proof of concept going back to the earliest recorded markets in the 1200’s! The Insider Gambles service will however be concentrated on the world of horse racing.